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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Difference between Primary data and secondary data.

Primary data
Secondary Data
Information obtained from original sources by researchers.
It is complied by someone other than the researcher for purchases not directly related to research currently under consideration. It already exists. It must be relevant to the research under study.
Original data gathered specifically on the project in hand. Primary data can be gathered slowly at a high cost. But it offers a much greater accuracy and reliability.
It is readily available for processing. It saves time. It is a cheaper source of data. The unit cost of information is low. It may not give higher accuracy, reliability.
It is personally developed. It gives the latest information.
It may have bias. It must be sufficiently current. It is published or semi published data.


  1. Thanks for such information. To this contrary, I would like to suggest that the writer should study more to present additional information based on this matter.

    1. This post was written for my research students, I asked to write just this. If you want more info have courtesy to ask for it rather than judge about what I write on my blog!

  2. this infrmation proved to b a lyf saver for me.......bcoz its required in my assignmnt which is to b submitted 2mrw!!!...THANKS